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Doesnt work

Tried loading it but only partially loaded. Now I cant get rid of it. Fit it !!!

Not Helpful

The BS you get when using is that the app says "We have received your return" and that you will get your refund 21 days after they received it, but they dont tell you when they received it, only that they received it. That is an unacceptable 21 day window. After waiting over a month, I dont think it is unreasonable to assume that there should be detailed, updated information available. This app smacks you in the face and says "when you get your refund, thats your acknowledgement."

Exactly what you need to know IRS Refund status- Raghu Obaiah

This app works as said... Must have to know IRS refund status. Thanks, Raghu

I like it‼️

Cool and great way to check refund status

Doesnt work

Goes straight to tax status page not the tile page to choose an actual category, where I need the tax record category for a tax transcript for school, frustrating.

Review the IRS?...Yes Please

This app severs no purpose... shocker I know. I guess its an attempt to show that the organization is up with the technology of the present. Its not. If you need a list of phone numbers for the IRS, this app is awesome! But if you need someone to answer the call you place to that number this app is not for you. Then again if you need this app chances are life is already complicated enough, so dont add to it by downloading this app. Plus they track you with it.

Doesnt work

I put in my information correctly, but it kept telling me it was incorrect. Completely worthless download.

Doesnt work.

My identity could not be verified, I have tried many times. Something is wrong with the website and with this app. We should be able to make payments in this app any time of the day or night. I have to go personally to the IRS office every month to make a payment because my identity can not be verified online. Please fix it!

Bad update

Since updating it says my refund will be $0.00. When I log in on my computer it shows the actual amount.

App is Useless, on par with what youd expect from the IRS

You probably want to see where your refund is, so you download this app with the hope of achieving that goal and maybe getting help in other areas. FYI - you will not pleb provided an update on your refund until it is actually mailed! (No other reason to download this app).

Only 2 options!

This app allows you to track your refund (if you are expecting one) or make a payment (if you owe). I downloaded it thinking I could order a transcript as advertised at an IRS field office but it doesnt allow it. Sad!

Terrible app

Still waiting on a refund from 2014. IRStogo wont tell me anything. Keep getting an error message that maybe Im entering my info. wrong. No Im not, I know my own info.


Trying to check the status of RECEIVED and its saying NO INFORMATION.


Does what its supposed to do. So much better than the intuit app.

Only app I trust to check the status

It works good. Does what its suppose to

Great App..Easier and faster way to find out your refund status and so much more....Luv it!

Website works - App does not!

The app does not work properly. The website does. Please dont release products that do not work.

Easy to track refund

Simple way to track your refund without having to go to the website.

Dont work!!!

Didnt do nun but say refund status error information not available at this time

Good but...

Ever since I installed this app, my phones been getting really hot and draining my battery. I uninstalled it and havent had a problem with my phone since. :/

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